Homeopathy in Canada: A Synopsis

One of the longest existing homeopathic hospitals was in Montreal. Plans for this hospital were discussed in a meeting on June 28,1863 and soon a dispensary was opened, although it closed after two years. On March 15, 1865, "An Act to incorporate the Montreal Homeopathic Hospital" established the Montreal Homeopathic Association (CSIJC. 1865). The amendments of September 14, 1865 and March 30, 1883, granted full powers to the association to establish a Dispensary, College, and Hospital and to examine and license homeopathic practitioners. In that same year of 1865, The Montreal College of Homeopathic Physicians and Surgeons was established.      
The Homeopathic Hospital
Finally the hospital was incorporated on October 2nd, 1894. with the name of Homeopathic Hospital, and the Ladies' Auxiliary, Montreal Homeopathic Hospital was instituted to train nurses. On June 13, 1904, the name was changed to The Homeopathic Hospital of Montreal, and it was not until 1951. that its name was changed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Griffith, 1969). Today, a plaque on the building commemorates the fact that it was a homeopathic hospital. The Homeopathic Hospital in Montreal, in its first year of existence, surpassed all the records in the Dominion with a death rate of only 3/4 of a percent. Many prominent homeopathic physicians were responsible for the success of the hospital throughout its history, among others, A. Griffith, J. Wanless, W. G. Nichol, T. S. Nichol, M. Morgan, H. M. Patton, A. D. Patton. and A. Fisher.
In addition to having the first homeopathic doctor in Canada, Montreal had the longest running Canadian journal. Montreal Homeopathic Record. Later, it was renamed Homeopathic Record and was published from January 1897 to December 1904 (NLM). The Canadian Journal of Homeopathy, published in St. Catharines, was in existence for a much shorter duration, from its publication in January 1856 until March 1857. Another prominent Quebecois homeopathic doctor, practicing in Quebec was Pierre-Martial Bardy (1797-1869), who became an M.D. in 1829 and a homeopath in 1847, after traveling to New York (LeBlond,1978). Bardy had a thriving practice in Quebec City.
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